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Sponsored Post Guidelines – ChatGPT School

Sponsored posts are paid articles that meet the standards and guidelines of ChatGPT School.

If you’re interested in sponsoring an article on ChatGPT School, read through to ensure your article meets the guidelines for sponsored content on ChatGPT School:

  1. If you wish to have an article published containing a link to your website or product, it would be viewed as advertising and needs sponsorship.
  2. FTC regulations require that all sponsored posts indicate they are sponsored. As such, it will be noted that your article is sponsored.
  3. The article must be a minimum of 1000 words. Articles must be written in the writing style and tone of other articles on ChatGPT School. We reserve the right to edit the post for tone, style, grammar, and formatting.  If we edit your post, we will allow the sponsor the option to review it before the sponsored post is published on ChatGPT School.
  4. Payment must be made in advance.
  5. We will consider discounted rates for repeated sponsored posts from the same source.
  6. Written articles must include images, and the author must own or have copyright permission to use any photos, images, or videos that accompany the article. You must provide proper attribution with your images.
  7. All articles must be original content and not previously published elsewhere.
  8. Articles and posts must be high-quality and well written. All research and 3rd party data must be accurately cited or referenced.
  9. Posts will be allowed a maximum of three no-follow links. Links to spam websites are not accepted, and all links must be agreed upon before publication.
  10. Don’t ask for custom links on custom anchor text or keywords. Posts must be submitted in Word or Google Doc format. Image files must contain attribution and caption information.
  11.  For bylined articles, provide a short author bio. This may contain one text link to be included in the count of 3 maximum no-follow links.
  12.  We reserve the final decision to accept or reject a sponsored post.
  13. We reserve the right to remove sponsored content if your product/service violates any copyright or patent or the values or integrity of ChatGPT School

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