Best Chatbot Software for Auto Dealerships 2023

Best Chatbot Software for Auto Dealerships 2023

Auto dealerships are using chatbot technology more and more to enhance customer service and speed up sales procedures. We’ll look at some of the top chatbot software alternatives for auto dealerships in this blog post.


Tidio is a well-known chatbot creation and management tool for small and medium businesses to grow sales through outstanding customer service.

Make customer experience your competitive advantage. Start conversations, win loyal customers. Chat with customers. Solve their problems in real time. Offer custom discounts based on browsing history. This makes it simple for auto dealerships to design a chatbot that is tailored to their unique requirements.


Collect.Chat is always ready to answer any of your customers’ questions. It doesn’t need breaks, coffee breaks, or even lunch breaks! The bot will be with you all the time – day and night, weekday and weekend, all year round!

Since the chatbot is constantly interacting with visitors proactively, they are more likely to enter their information. This tool provides you with insights about the conversion along with their data!

Collect.Chat has 4 plans, starting with a free plan that includes unlimited bots, appointment booking, responses and insights, and 50 responses per month. Larger plans naturally include more, but this is a great place to start!


Mobile Monkey

Mobile Monkey helps to increase website lead capture by collecting anonymous website visitor contact info & messaging them automatically! This tool can help you 10X the performance of your website with a few simple clicks!

MobileMonkey is the only platform that automatically converts inbound and outbound marketing and conversion in the same place.



Like most of the other entrants on this brief list, Flow XO lets you create a sale making chatbot without any kind of coding skills.

With the help of the robust automation tool Flow XO, you can create amazing AI chatbot solutions that will help you connect with and engage with your clients across a variety of websites, applications, and social media platforms.

Flow XO has flexible pricing, and if you click the button below, you can start using Flow XO for free!

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