ChatGPT with GPT-5: Could Achieve Human-like Indistinguishability

ChatGPT with GPT-5: Could Achieve Human-like Indistinguishability

A few weeks ago, ChatGPT underwent a significant upgrade with the implementation of GPT-4, which endowed the AI chatbot with remarkable new abilities.

However, OpenAI is already hard at work developing the next major software upgrades for ChatGPT, which are rumoured to include GPT-5, expected to be released this winter.

According to reports, if the anticipated capabilities of GPT-5 are accurate, OpenAI may be on the verge of reaching a groundbreaking milestone for ChatGPT.

After the upgrade, the generative AI might attain artificial general intelligence (AGI) and become indistinguishable from a human.

The prospect of this achievement is both thrilling and daunting because the extent of AGI’s potential is beyond our comprehension.

Even though GPT-5 could make ChatGPT identical to a human, it will still outperform the human mind in processing information and generating content.

ChatGPT just got a major upgrade with GPT-4, and it’s now packed with tons of new superpowers that make it an even cooler chatbot. This generative AI is now capable of handling different types of input, like text and images, to come up with a response. It also speaks multiple languages and can even plug into the internet in real-time!

Plus, get this: GPT-4 is so smart that it can ace almost any test you throw at it, outperforming the previous version by a long shot.

Siqi Chen, a developer, recently tweeted that GPT-5 is scheduled to complete its training by December. According to him, OpenAI is confident that GPT-5 will attain AGI, which means it’ll have the ability to reason like humans do.

Imagine chatting with ChatGPT after the GPT-5 upgrade – it might feel like talking to an actual person!

But let’s face it – it’s all just speculation for now. We don’t have an AGI model to compare ChatGPT with yet, and OpenAI is keeping the GPT-5 secrets under wraps until the software update is ready.

Regardless of whether GPT-5 reaches AGI or not, it’s sure to offer even better features than the already impressive GPT-4. I’m talking about faster and more accurate responses, support for multiple input methods, and potentially assisting with even more complex tasks like writing better code.

It’s hard to even imagine what ChatGPT will be capable of with GPT-5!

It’s all just speculation at this point. But as ChatGPT continues to improve and potentially reaches AGI, we can’t help but wonder about the possible negative consequences that may come with it. We’re not trying to freak you out or anything – we’re not living in a sci-fi movie where AI is taking over the world. But even law enforcement agencies like Europol are expressing concerns about the rise of AI.

In fact, criminals can already use the current non-AGI version of ChatGPT to help them in their activities.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom. We might actually see an intermediate version of ChatGPT before we get to GPT-5. OpenAI is planning to release GPT-4.5 sometime around September or October, which should give us a better idea of what kind of upgrades they’re working on.

So let’s not panic just yet, and stay tuned for more updates.

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